A little about me..... I am proud to be a mother of 3 beautiful girls and one handsome young man. I am married to my best friend of 20 years! I am truly blessed with this life!!


My favorite motto that has been permanently tattoo'd on my foot is, "Walk by Faith". When a time comes where we are facing a mountain I find comfort in seeing my tattoo reminding me to "Walk by Faith". We all have our own "higher power" and mine is God. I want all of my work to honor Him.  I am so incredibly blessed to be able to pursue something I love!

My recent passion is Newborn Photography. I have had the privilege of capturing the pure, first moments of a newborns life and it is indescribable. There is such beauty in a new life. I get to meet some of the most wonderful families. I are fascinated by the stories of their lives, their different customs when a baby is born, their excitement welcoming their new baby and learning why they choose the name they did!  I love including siblings in the new journey with a baby.

I also have a deep passion for Children/family and Maternity photography. I am so in awe of the miracle of having a child I want to help families document these incredible moments to have to share and enjoy for a lifetime.

I like to use nature as my backdrop however, If necessary, I can set up a portable studio if the weather is not suitable. I love Washington for its beauty but we must work around Mother Nature which is not always predictable. When I have a home session most of my work will be in a small corner of a room.  Having the session at home makes the children feel more comfortable and I am able to capture true emotion/smiles.  My style is more lifestyle meaning, I am not expecting you to all sit straight, look at the camera with a fake smile. I want you to be natural, happy and comfortable.  Let’s have some fun!!!

Our main purpose is to create and capture so go ahead, "Live your life, let us capture it"!!

Let's make some memories with you and your family enjoying this life we have been given.